How MCU Are You?

Victoria Cartagena and Andrew Stewart-Jones join the hosts of Legends of Gotham (and Gotham TV Podcast) to play a game that matches their contemporary characters against classic Batman villains.

Tyrion Lanister, Barney Barrows, Condiment King, The Dodo Man, The Flower Gang, and more besiege Renee Montoya and Cripus Allen. Are Victoria and Andrew MCU enough to make it through our challenge?

Your hosts Bill Meeks and Anne Marie DeSimone

Presents of Gotham

We got a chance to appear in the Gotham fan trailer ( ) towards the end of the summer. We also won stuff!

Our prize packs included:
1 Gotham hooded sweatshirt
1 GCPD badge
1 lanyard with holographic badge

(Update 12/30): We got some additional items from Victoria who plays Montoya, our fellow Gotham podcasters John and Derek, and our listener @derbykid!

#17 – Montoya and Allen Join Us LIVE!

Victoria Cartagena and Andrew Stewart-Jones (Crispus Allen and Renee Montoya)  join Legends of Gotham and Gotham TV Podcast LIVE to talk Season 1A of their hit Fox TV series Gotham .

Contact Us:

Voicemail Number: (424) 274-2352

The wall
The wall

ASK THE MCU: Live With Victoria Cartagena/Andrew Stewart-Jones on December 11th!

Flash vs. Arrow? Batman vs. Superman? Psshh… Amateurs.

We’re teaming up with Gotham TV Podcast to interview Gotham’s MCU — Andrew Stewart-Jones (Crispus Allen) and his partner  Victoria Cartagena (Renee Montoya)! That’s a six-person team-up and we’ll all be geeking out about Gotham!

We did a pre-recorded interview with Victoria in Episode 13 – All That Zsasz. We loved it. We even got this image from the event:

We made due...
We made due without a live interview…

We’re very excited to have both of them joining us live on Google+ along with John and Derek from Gotham TV Podcast. The broadcast is at 8:30pm EST on December 11th.

Go to to RSVP and join in the chat! It’ll be a great time to come hang out with fellow Gothamites while we chat with some of our favorite Gotham cast members.

When we’re live the video below should work.

(YouTube link)

See you on Thursday!

shiny shoes gotham

We Solve the Wayne Murder

We think we solved the Wayne Murder a couple weeks back. Remember “shiny shoes”? The guy in the purple suit? It’s all connected, and we don’t need Bruce Wayne’s wall to track this conspiracy.

Did we do what Gordon and Bullock couldn’t? Have we solved the Wayne murder? We probably won’t know for sure until the end of the season, but it’s interesting to think about isn’t it?