DC Power Hour: Gotham and Supergirl

Ever since the upfronts and the revelation that Gotham and Supergirl would be airing in the same time slot as Gotham (8pm on Mondays thank you very much) people have been in an uproar.

Who is going to win?

Gotham versus Supergirl.

Why does everything have to be a competition? Shouldn’t comic fans be THRILLED that another comic based show is in primetime?

One article from Entertainment Weekly caught my attention (and not in a good way):

Biggest time period catfight this fallSupergirl vs. Gotham at Mondays at 8 p.m. DC Comics critics have always said the company is its own worst enemy, but this fall it’s literally true! –  “Upfronts 2015: The Best & Worst Fall TV Decisions.”

These Shows? Enemies? NO! I whole-heartedly DISAGREE! They are aimed at two very different audiences. That is BRILLIANT. Both shows are doing something that the comic industry wants…bringing in fans who have never cared about comics.

Supergirl is bright, shiny, fun, and being led by a Glee star. It’s aimed at tween and teenage girls (Heck, 20-somethings) as a showcase for the comic-tinged girl power they’ve been looking for. This is a strategic move to increase the female comic fan base.

However, this is not Gotham’s agenda. Gotham doesn’t hide the fact that it is dark, bloody, and twisted.  This is a show about the dark underbelly of a city that necessitates the vigilante superhero Batman, while serving the police procedural crowd. This show got people LIKE ME to watch a comic show because it starts before the capes come out.

 Let’s do a little comparison.

First – The Gotham trailer from May 2014

Blood. Storyline teases. Guns. The Wayne Murder. Evil laughs. People being hit with baseball bats. 4 classic (and 1 new) villains introduced. Darkness (but there will be light). Ominous music and sound effects. All in 30 seconds.

Next – The Supergirl trailer from May 2015

A quick background on Superman. Poppy music. Young professionals. Jimmy (excuse me, James) Olsen. A flight lesson. A feminist lecture. Chinese takeout. Dress up. A bulletproof discovery. Another Superman lesson. An emotional smackdown. The shirt rip. A girl-power theme song. Explosion. Up, up and away. All in six and a half minutes.

These two shows aren’t on the same planet, let alone aimed at the same demo.

While I’m not saying the audiences for these 2 shows can’t crossover (hello DVR!), I don’t see them as direct competition fighting to “win the hour”.

Oh, and ladies? If you’re looking for girl power try these Gotham City Sirens on for size:

Selina. A teenage runaway who works both sides of the law.

Selina Kyle - Gotham vs. Supergirl - www.legendsofgotham.com

Lee. Or Dr. Thompkins who has helped Jim Gordon solve some major crimes.

Dr. Leslie Thompkins - Gotham vs. Supergirl - www.legendsofgotham.com

Barbara. Don’t be fooled, she’s a pitbull in a ball gown.

Barbara Kean - Gotham vs. Supergirl - www.legendsofgotham.com

Fish. This is one mob boss you do NOT want to cross.

Fish Mooney - Gotham vs. Supergirl - www.legendsofgotham.com

There really is no comparison. This fall on Mondays when you sit down to get your comic fix on the small screen remember there is room for everyone.

-Anne Marie

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