Top 8 Things We Learned from John Stephens About Gotham Season 2

This week we talked to Gotham Executive Producer John Stephens about the RISE OF THE VILLAINS and Gotham’s 2nd season. He dropped a number of bombs and we recommend you catch the whole interview above, but check out our favorite factoids from the interview:

  1. Mr. Freeze will make his debut in Episode 12. His wife’s tragic fate will be a big part of the origin, but Stephens assured us Gotham would have it’s own unique spin.
  2. Episode 3 is called “The Last Laugh”, and was written by John Stephens himself!
  3. Oswald Cobblepot, aka The Penguin, ended Season 1 as the self-proclaimed King of Gotham. He’ll have his time in the sun, but expect a quick fall from grace which will force our favorite flippered psychopath to reevaluate and refocus through much of Season 2.
  4. The Cave Bruce & Alfred found at the end of Season 1 will become a huge location throughout Season 2, but that doesn’t mean Bruce becomes a brooding homebody. Expect him to be very active in Gotham (both socially and in the shadows).
  5. Renee Montoya and Crispus Allen might be out as series regulars, but with the right story line (and the actor’s schedules permitting) Stephens would love to see them back for an arc somewhere down the line.
  6. Season 2 will be more serialized than Season 1, allowing side characters like Bullock, Alfred, and others to get fully fleshed-out character arcs throughout the season. No “one and dones” this season!
  7. Stephens think Barbara Kean’s villainous turn will be a fan-favorite this season. She’ll be working closely with Jerome…
  8. Jerome! Stephens remained coy when it comes to whether or not the teenage killer we met in The Blind Fortune Teller last season will become the “Clown Prince of Crime” we all know and love, but he did stress that Jerome will introduce the Joker “ideology” to Gotham throughout Season 2. Look at this Joker!

We want to thank John Stephens again for taking the time to talk to us, and can’t wait to dissect the RISE OF THE VILLAINS all year on Legends of Gotham!

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