#16 – Nice Girls and Mean Butlers

(S01E10) Who lets two children run loose in the city? Someone who trusts the rich kid with the kitty. Who taught Alfred how to subdue? At least we can trust he’ll always come through. Where’s Mr. Lovecraft? Not home it seems. Could the intel he has topple hooting regimes? Will Dent’s mistake be exposed, or will Jim get the shaft? Out from the mansion in this week’s “Lovecraft”.

Show Notes

“Lovecraft” Ratings

Season 1B Promo

Court of Owls

Butler School Apps Jump After “Lovecraft” Airs

Lovecraft/Arkham connection (via reddit)

Court of Owls Box from "Lovecraft"


Dogboy: Eye of the Scarab by Bill Meeks
Dogboy: Eye of the Scarab by Bill Meeks

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Fight Club Written by: Chuck Palahniuk Narrated by: Jim Colby

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