#66 – Jeri and The Mutants

(S02E14) How will Bruce find his Matches Malone? With actions Gordon would never condone.  Does Gotham have hot new punk acts? Jeri is laughing while withholding facts. Penguin is cured? Perhaps if you squint.Does a murder wrap deserve such a short stint? Will vengeance award Bruce a new mental cleanness? Everybody is crazy on “This Ball of Mud and Meanness”.

Show Notes


“This Ball of Mud and Meanness” Ratings

Quote related to the episode title

“Mad Grey Dawn” Promo

Hamill and Conroy in The Killing Joke animated movie

Baby Gorkins!

Mutant Leader

Comic Strip featuring Joe the Cop

Flipper Man = Killer Croc?

The Joker’s Greatest Boner

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