#88 – Deconstructing Jim Gordon

(S03E07) – Who could love a madman like Ed? Someone who looks like the gal he made dead. Will Bruce burn Selina’s soufflé? His butler might try to scare her away. Who has Barbara become? Jim’s conscience bellhop. Who can save him from her psycho hell drop? Will Jim deal with his baggage or get stuck with Miss Kean? Let’s all take a whiff of tonight’s  “Red Queen.”

Show Notes

Look at this Joker!

“Red Queen” Ratings

“Blood Rush” Promo

Selina’s Mother Is Cast

Malachi Mongrain Wants To Play Clark Kent

Hi my name is Malachi Mongrain and I’d love to act as Clark Kent in Gotham I’m 15 years old I am built and I workout also have brown hair blue eyes white skin Superman hair style and I’m 5ft7 the same size as Bruce Wayne. – Malachi

Let @GothamTVWriters and @Gotham know about Malachi!

Ed’s parent’s coming to Gotham

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