#98 – Shut Up, Jim!

(S03E17) What is the riddle Ed couldn’t solve? The group around which all of Gotham revolves. Will #PengyPlants assemble the freaks? They find fire and ice in their very first week! Will Jim fool the Court? Who even knows? What if all Alfred knows of Bruce Wayne is his clothes? If Babs ain’t on top will she settle for middle? The Owls are endangered in “The Primal Riddle.”

PLUS: An exclusive voicemail from the ALL-NEW FIREFLY!

Show Notes

Look at this Joker!

“Penguin’s Lullaby” Video

“Penguin’s Lullaby” Lyrics

Dabney Donovan

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“Complete Power” Promo

A New Weapon Has Arrived in Gotham Promo

New Gotham Book coming out – Gotham : City of Monsters

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