#10 – That’s So Penguin!

(S01E04) When is a bodyguard not a sharp guy? When he lets a man in a trenchcoat sever his eye. Who will build the new Arkham City? The mob isn’t know for making things pretty. Is Oswald too clever? He’s clever enough. Are his pastries filled with the usual stuff? Will the asylum be saved, or remain retched slums? Everybody wants a piece of “Arkham”. PLUS: A Special message from the director of “Arkham” TJ Scott (@TJScottPictures on Twitter)!

Show Notes

Ratings for ‘Arkham’

Gotham 1×05 Promo “Viper”

Newspaper Ad for Gotham in Australia

Gotham Gets Full Season Order (22 Episodes!)

Adam West Discusses Gotham

Episode 7 Title Revealed

WB Announce DC Comics Film Slate Through 2020

This Week’s Audible Recommendations:

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Batman: The Lazarus Syndrome by: Dirk Maggs

The Balloon Man by Charlotte MacLeod

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