#12 – Harvey Bullock: Boy Detective

(S01E06) Who would conspire to kill these rich kids? The Goat has the answer but he stays off the grid. If Bullock’s a cynic what made him that way? His old partner failing then falling away. Is Ed Nygma bored? Well he’s downstairs filing. Is Kris Kringle’s manner uptight or beguiling? Will Jim fess up about the Penguin who floats? Chaos ensues in ‘Spirit of the Goat’.

Show Notes

Ratings for ‘Spirit of the Goat’

‘Penguin’s Umbrella’ promo

‘Krypton’ TV Series in Development

Vote for Gotham in the People’s Choice Awards

Post-Episode Hangout with Robin Lord Taylor

History of Goats and Gotham

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3 thoughts on “#12 – Harvey Bullock: Boy Detective”

  1. About the scene with Selina, while I was curious about the box she took and I hope it’s a “thing” that we see again, I’m also curious about how she looked at Bruce’s evidence board. The shot starts on the big pic of Maroni, and pans across to the pic of the Mayor, which has pics of Falcone and that female Wayne employee whose name I don’t remember on either side. I’ve always thought the Mayor was pretty suspicious so maybe I’m reading too much into it, but we’ve had Selina say that she saw the face of the person who shot the Waynes and here she is pointedly looking at a photo of the Mayor. That scene kinda felt a bit like maybe she was checking up to see if Bruce is on the right track, so that if he wasn’t, she could leave him a new clue to point him in the right direction.

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