#14 – Fight Club Junior

(S01E08) If business is war then who is the victim? Ask Mr. Sionis. He’s sure to have kicked ‘em. Who would dare punch the orphan Bruce Wayne? Whoever he is he’ll be hushed by the pain. Is there a fight club? No one can say unless they want Ed to wheel them away. Will the police do their jobs if nobody asks? Harvey does (Essen too) in this week’s “The Mask”.

Show Notes

Ratings for “The Mask”

“Harvey Dent” Promo

Flying Grayson’s May Come to Gotham

New Renee Montoya Question book by Greg Rucka

Movin’ On Up: Gotham Edition

How This NYC Cop Went from Singing on the Subways to TV’s ‘Gotham’

Origin of the Bat Slap

Hush/Tommy Elliot bio

Vote for Gotham in the People’s Choice Awards

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Fight Club Written by: Chuck Palahniuk Narrated by: Jim Colby

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