#21 – How Falcone Got His Groove Back

(S01E12) Is Mr. Cobblepot always the smartest? He is till he’s hit by an electrical artist. Who would abduct Falcone’s sainted Liza? The same one who found her (then synthesized her). Will the Commish rehire Jim? Gordon’s sure hoping. Will Falcone please stop it with all the nape groping? If penguins are birds how can they swim? Who cares? Let’s talk “What the Little Bird Told Him”.

Show Notes

“What the Little Bird Told Him” Ratings

“Welcome Back, Jim Gordon” promo

Poison Ivy actress uses role to antagonize her brother

 The Flying Graysons revealed in new pics


Danny DeVito weighs in on Gotham’s Penguin

Obeah Man Profile


Dogboy: Eye of the Scarab by Bill Meeks
Dogboy: Eye of the Scarab by Bill Meeks

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Fight Club Written by: Chuck Palahniuk Narrated by: Jim Colby

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