#29 – 50 Shades of Slay

(S01E19) Where would you take Ms. Grace Fairchild? The Ogre’s apartment is where things get wild. If a Fish can swim why does she need a ship? She doesn’t. It’s all just another Mooney swap trick. What do junkies land on? Not their feet. Will Catgirl teach Batman how to seem street? Will Jim take the case or live one more day? The thrill’s in the hunt in this week’s “Beasts of Prey”.

Show Notes

“Beasts of Prey” Ratings

“Under the Knife” Promo

Superheroes CAN Inspire Real People: One Fan’s Amazing Story on How Laurel Lance, BLACK CANARY, Helped Her Fight and Overcome Cancer!

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SPOILERS: The new DC Comics Batman is…


Is that Chief O'Hara?
Is that Chief O’Hara?

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