#30 – Oh, Dear!

(S01E20) How does an ogre become a seducer? By making his face a tiny bit smoother. Will Jim’s love for Leslie put her in peril? Not nearly as much as her lack of apparel. Can murder be good? Alfred says yes. Will Bruce give his friend, the killer, a dress? Is Penguin’s mom mad about his whole life? Everyone’s stabby in “Under the Knife”.  PLUS: We discuss the Batman v Superman trailer!

Sorry the video is out of sync!

Show Notes

“Under the Knife” Ratings

“The Anvil or the Hammer” Promo

Bruno Heller Talks Joker in Season 2

Gotham Figures Coming from Diamond Select

Retro Batman v Superman trailer

Real Batman v Superman trailer

In The Tub by TJ Scott

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One thought on “#30 – Oh, Dear!”

  1. I had notes written up to send in a voice mail or email, but never had a chance to put them together into something coherent. I’ve been terrible about feedback lately, I know! Sorry!

    Here’s what I wrote down for my notes, in the scattershot format I left them in:

    Bruce & Cat – their dialogue all sounded like it could have come from the adult versions of themselves. Excellent.

    Ed with watermelons – reminded me of Dexter in his blood spatter lab. Which is interesting, since David Zayas, who was in that show, returned this episode as Maroni.

    Jim telling Leslie to get out of town – How will this parallel (or not parallel) with what happened with Jim & Barbara when he went after Falcone?

    Didn’t expect Riddler’s break this soon. But like Dexter, he’s in a unique position to be able to know what to hide and cover up.

    Has Barbara finally found her partner in crazy?

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