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#8 – Meow Let’s Talk Gotham

(S01E02) When is it better for a kid to be thinner? When bad guys take them and pack them for dinner. When is Bruce Wayne more like a shelf? When he holds his hand flat while testing himself. Who is “The Dollmaker”? Nobody knows. Who are his minions in fancy dress clothes? And when is a child more like a cat? You’d have to ask “Selina Kyle” about that.

Show Notes

Ratings for ‘Selina Kyle’

Gotham 1×03 Promo “The Balloonman”

Season Preview for Gotham Introduces More Iconic Villains, Locations

Did they reveal the Wayne’s murderer?

Gotham and Mental Health

Penguin’s Map of Gotham | @tvtagGotham’s List of findings

Dollmaker on Gothamn Wiki

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