This is not the actual Balloonman. It's just a tribute.

#9 – I Scream/Float

(S01E03) When does Gotham’s trash hang overhead? When a man with weather balloons wants that trash dead. When raising Bruce safely where is the border? It isn’t the fencing. It’s the eating disorder. When will the cops care? Depends on the line. Is it colored blue with a cop’s body behind? And what of the Penguin’s Arkham-themed plan? Wait until next week. Let’s talk “The Balloonman”.

Show Notes

Ratings for ‘The Balloonman’

Gotham 1×04 Promo “Arkham”

Vicki Cartagena (Montoya) Pulling a “Question” on set

Nicholas D’Agosto is Harvey Dent

Alfred engaged in a bit of swordplay with…THE JOKER

This Week’s Audible Recommendations:

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Overcome Fear of Heights: Keep calm and relaxed and learn to enjoy high places. By Darren Marks

The Balloon Man by Charlotte MacLeod

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