Legends of Gotham TV Podcast #4

In the lead up to the return of Gotham Season 4 on March 1st we joined with our old friends at Gotham TV Podcast for theirGotham Season 4 Recap podcast. We discussed all of our favorite moments from the first half of Season 4.

Synopsis for our Gotham Season 4 Recap Podcast

With the help of Anne-Marie Desimone and Bill Meeks, formerly of Legends of Gotham, we talk about all of our favourite moments and characters from Gotham season 4 so far. From party Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz), to the reemergence of Scarecrow Jonathan Crane (Charlie Tahan), from Solomon Grundy born in Gotham Season 4 Episode 5 who joins up with Ed Nygma and Leslie Thompkins to form Ny-Grund-Kins and their take over of the Narrows. We talk about all the new characters from Officer Harper (Kelcy Griffin) and Professor Pyg (Michael Cerveris) to Mr. Penn (Andrew Sellon) and the orphaned Martin (Christopher Convery) to Sophia Falcone (Crystal Reed) and R’as Al Ghul (Alexander Siddig) all had an impact on the season so far.

Thank you so much for joining Gotham TV Podcast for our Gotham Season 4 Recap Podcast with our friends over at Legends of Gotham. We will return with our review of Gotham Season 4 Episode 13 A Dark Knight: A Beautiful Darkness which airs on Thursday the 8th of March so make sure to subscribe to the show at gothamtvpodcast.com/itunes to get this episode and more as soon as they are released.


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