Look At This Joker!

The creators of Gotham are seeding potential candidates for The Joker throughout the series. We figured people would need a list of Jokers on Gotham. Hence, we’ll be keeping this one up to date as the series goes on.

Will any of them become the clown prince of crime himself? Who knows? It’ll be fun finding out though.

S01E01 – Pilot

Joker #1 - Awkward Comedian
Joker #1 – Awkward Comedian

Joker Suspect: Awkward Comedian at Fish’s

Joker-related clues:

Note the "Smile" circled in red
Note the “Smile” circled in red

S01E02 – Selina Kyle

Laslo, beaten by Falcone
Laslo, beaten by Falcone

Joker Suspect: Laslo, Fish’s workout partner. Pyg’s real name was Laslo though.

Shiny Shoes, the guy who Harvey almost bumped into
Shiny Shoes, the guy who Harvey almost bumped into

Joker Suspect: Shiny Shoes, the guy who calls Harvey clown. Clown, purple jacket, might have killed the Waynes…

S01E03 – The Balloonman

Laslo, Fish's Ex-Exercise Partner
Laslo, Fish’s Ex-Exercise Partner

Joker Suspect: Laslo again. Still more likely he’s Pyg, what with getting rejected after his face getting wrecked by The Roman.

The Balloonman
The Balloonman

Joker Suspect: The Balloonman. He used balloons to protect children. Pretty dark humor. Also said something Joker-like: “There will be more like me”. Would be fitting if the Joker inspires Bruce to become Batman.

S01E04 – Arkham

Water Disposal Facility - The mayor mentions this in both his press conferences.
Water Disposal Facility – The mayor mentions this in both his press conferences.

Origin Story Location Suspect: In both press conferences Mayor James mentions a “waste disposal site” being built on the land surrounding Arkham Asylum. As fans of the comics know one of the Joker’s origins involves him dressing up in a red hood and robbing Ace Chemicals. There, he falls into a vat of chemicals and the rest is hysteria.

S01E05 – Viper

Viper - The titular drug
Viper – The titular drug

Loose Connection Suspect: Umm… The smoke was green, and viper turned people’s skin sort of translucent? Maybe the Joker toxin is also derived from it (in addition to venom). That’s all I’ve got.

S01E07 – Penguin’s Umbrella

Indian Hill - Did Maroni just hand over the Joker's birthplace?
Indian Hill – Did Maroni just hand over the Joker’s birthplace?

Origin Story Location Suspect: First we got a description of a waste disposal site around Arkham. In this episode Maroni offers Falcone Indian Hill, a “toxic waste dump on top of an Indian burial ground.” Could this be the same site mentioned in “Arkham”? Will it be the future site of Ace Chemicals? Time will tell.

S01E09 – Harvey Dent

Joker Callback - The sketch reminded me of this previous Joker.
Joker Callback – The sketch reminded me of this previous Joker.

Doesn’t the police sketch of the Wayne’s killer remind you of our Joker from S01E02 “Selina Kyle”? Remember the killer had shiny shoes. This guys says “Hey, Clown! Watch the shoes!” when Harvey bumps into him. Has he been hiding in sight this whole time? Also remember in Burton’s Batman the Joker was the killer… Something to keep in mind.

S01E10 – Lovecraft

Clyde has a great smile, huh?
Clyde has a great smile, huh?

Clyde the fence was a pretty jovial fellow, hmm? Plus did you notice his henchmen’s jackets had a Harley Quinn-esque figure screenprinted on the back? Joker or not we hope to see Clyde again soon. He was fun.

S01E11 – Rouges’ Gallery

Look at that smile...
Look at that smile…

Was that Ceaser Romero laughing in the background of Nurse Duncan’s death scene? Whoever it was it sounded like a real joker. Play the clip below to hear more:

S01E12 – What the Little Bird Told Him

Trivia: Purple and green is Bill's favorite color combo
Trivia: Purple and green is Bill’s favorite color combo

Not much Joker in this episode. Best I could come up with is the green and purple suit Oswald wore. LOVE those colors, and a certain clown prince of crime does too.

S01E13 – Welcome Back, Jim Gordon

Derek Delaware, who shares some traits with a classic pre-Joker comedian
Derek Delaware, who shares some traits with a classic pre-Joker comedian

Derek Delaware, the cop who ultimately gives us Flass in the third act, calls to mind the man who became the Joker in The Killing Joke.

From The Killing Joke
From The Killing Joke

He’s a bad guy, but he’s obsessed with his family’s safety. Considering Flass is “protected” maybe some bad cops will throw a red hood on Delaware for paybacks? This would also make Gordon responsible for the Joker’s creation, which might placate families who insist on Batman being involved in the clown’s origin story.

S01E14 – The Fearsome Dr. Crane

Indian Hill? Where have we heard that before?
Indian Hill? Where have we heard that before?

No direct reference this week, but the subject of Indian Hill did come up. Oswald tells Maroni that whoever controls Indian Hill will control Gotham City. We know from “Penguin’s Umbrella” that the site is a toxic waste dump built on an Indian burial ground. We also know from “Arkham” that it surrounds the Asylum on all sides. We’d theorized before that Indian Hill might be the future home of Ace Chemical where one of the Joker’s origin story takes place. Joker or no, Indian Hill is important to Gotham. We just need to figure out why…

S01E15 – The Scarecrow

The promo for next week:

Yep. Think we’re done. here. This page is probably on the way out. No more songs. No more Joker speculation. Okay. Next week we’ll do one. That’s probably it though.

Oh, and that laughing actor from the other promo? He tweeted this:

All smiles...
All smiles…


S01E16 The Blind Fortune Teller

Meet Jerome! His mom is a party girl!
Meet Jerome! His mom is a party girl!

Looks like we’re done here, guys. Check out Episode 25 for our thoughts on the Joker’s origin. Might come back for the Red Hood episode though. We’ll see.

S01E17 The Red Hood

Look at this dead guy
Look at this dead guy

Ok. I know we said we weren’t doing Look at this Joker anymore but so many of you demanded it we’re back! We’ve already covered the Joker’s connection to the Red Hood in detail but we should acknowledge no potential suspects survived the episode (minus the kid at the end).

S01E18 Everybody Had a Cobblepot

Suspect: Ben McKenzie... okay, not really.
Suspect: Ben McKenzie… okay, not really.

While we’re still pretty sure that Jerome is the Joker Ben McKenzie talked to E! Online and called it into question. If nothing else he suggests that it’ll be a few years before we see green hair and red lips.

He’s possibly going to be the Joker because it’s an origins story. We…have a couple of possible people who could be the Joker. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Cameron Monaghan is the Joker. He might be. What I can promise you is this is not a bait-and-switch. This is not someone who is just a character who is going to disappear. This is not a red herring. – Ben McKenzie

So who the hell knows? Looks like we’ll be looking at Jokers for a little longer.

Spring 2015 Hiatus

While the latest episode of Gotham didn’t have any big Joker nods we did want to mention the first-ish pic of Jared Leto as the clown prince of crime. He’ll be acting (along with Fish husband Will Smith and the first live action Harley Quinn) in the upcoming film Suicide Squad. He doesn’t have the makeup, but the green hair, creepy eyes, and camera scream Joker to me.

David Ayer tweeted this pic
David Ayer tweeted this pic

And yes, if you recognize this pose it’s because it’s a reference to an iconic image from Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke.

The Killing Joke
The Killing Joke


S01E22 “All Happy Families Are Alike”

Bruno Heller has already said that Season 2 will feature the Joker like Season 1 featured Penguin. There aren’t many Joker clues in this week’s episode but there are some total loons. First up is Butch

Butch... What a Joker!
Butch… What a Joker!

Butch is torn between his old friend and new master. The look on his face as he decides who to shoot had a certain Joker-esque flair, but not nearly as much as…

Barbara Kean, the scariest person in a town full of scary people
Barbara Kean, the scariest person in a town full of scary people

Barbara finally cracks tonight after revealing she killed her parents to Leslie Thompkins. If she survived Jim has a ticket to Arkham with her name on it. I’ll bet she’ll fit right in. Maybe she can makes friends with that Jerome guy…

S02E03 – The Last Laugh

Barring a Lazarus Pit intervention the guy we thought was the guy ain't the guy.
Barring a Lazarus Pit intervention the guy we thought was the guy ain’t the guy.

We were so sure he was the guy, but the guy we thought was the guy ain’t the guy which leaves the guy we thought he was with a big question mark over his head. Luckily, John Stephens leaves us with some fun possible Jokers at the end of the episode.

The joker at the bar
The joker at the bar

Maybe? Probably not. He’s too old. I think he was just drunk.

Howdy Doodie Joker
Howdy Doodie Joker

It’s Howdy Joker time! The creepy kid laughing over his parents fighting is around the same age as Bruce. I’ll give it a 45% chance.

The Anti-Homeless Jokers
The Anti-Homeless Jokers

The guy with the beard is out, but the one in the back there has the right build for it. I’ll give him a 30% chance. Regardless of who the Joker might be we can all agree our dear departed Jerome gave him his clownish shtick. He was a great “Joker”. He will be missed.

S02E09 “A Bitter Pill to Swallow”

Either Jerome was resurrected down in Indian Hill, or his madness is still infecting the streets of Gotham. Either way this wall is pretty funny looking. Joker-Wall

S02E13 “A Dead Man Feels No Cold”

Ace Chemicals, eh? I seem to remember a certain JOKER falling into a vat of chemicals there. Interesting that it’s a division of Wayne Enterprises. Will Bruce be even more responsible for his greatest villain? If nothing else Hugo Strange should have all the freezy juice he needs since Indian Hill is a Wayne project too. EDIT: Yes we saw Jerome in the tank.

Ace Chemicals, birthplace of the Joker
Ace Chemicals, birthplace of the Joker


S02E14 “This Ball of Mud and Meanness”


Jerry screws around with Jim at the GCPD
Jerry screws around with Jim at the GCPD

There’s no denying the lead singer Jerry bore a striking resemblance to the Clown Prince of Crime, both in makeup and in demeanor. Nihilistic, chaotic, and with a great set of pipes, Jerry sung her way into our hearts (and the GCPD interrogation room). We’d be lax if we didn’t mention all the #Maniax and Jerome-esque imagery behind her during the show. Perhaps if he finds his way back to the land of the living he’ll her join in a manic duet? One can only hope.

S02E17 “Into the Woods”

Hubba hubba hubba. Money Money Money. Who do you trust?
Hubba hubba hubba. Money Money Money. Who do you trust?

Young Bruce Wayne throwing money off the roof puts me in mind of the Clown Prince of Crime’s gesture in the climactic parade scene in 1989’s Batman. The Joker throws money out to the crowd to distract them while he lets the Joker gas fly! It’s a great scene. Watch it here if you haven’t seen it.

S02E18 “Pinewood”

These little guys just keep on popping up... Vandalism is funny that way..
These little guys just keep on popping up… Vandalism is funny that way..

Another week, another piece of Joker graffiti pops up on a wall when Jim, Bruce, and Alfred are running their heist to save Karen. I guess in Gotham City vandalism is the least of their problems.

S02E22 “Transference”

Listen to the laugh on this guy! Yep, that must be Jerome.

S03E01 “Better to Reign in Hell”

Babs is totally nutso!

Barbara’s laughing fit when confronted by Butch’s plant at the Sirens cwub was very obviously inspired by her former magician friend Jerome, as was the psychotic beating she gave him right after. She even cracked a joke when Penguin came to fix things! One can only hope that if (when) Jerome comes back we’ll see our crazy couple reunited.

S03E04 “New Day Rising”

A #gotham favorite villain may be coming back to @gothamonfox sooner than you think.

A photo posted by David Mazouz (@davidamazouz) on

S03E05 “Anything For You”

Red Hood Gang burning a bus? No cheerleaders this time.
Red Hood Gang burning a bus? No cheerleaders this time.

The Red Hood Gang? Setting a bus on fire? Jerome totally did that. This scene is just a big barrel full of Joker references! While I was sad Jerome wasn’t part of the crew he probably will be the next time the Gang appears.

S03E08 “Blood Rush”

Don't look so glum, chum.
Don’t look so glum, chum.

Doctor Maxwell Symon’s face-slicing side gig calls to mind a recent Joker-centric story from the Batman comics. Yes, the Joker sliced his freaking face off for some reason! The storyline was called Death of the Family” and featured The Dollmaker as the face slicing doctor. Instead of getting a new face, the Joker tied his old one back on which made him look even freakier than normal.

See, that's better. Smile more.
See, that’s better. Smile more.

S03E11 “Beware the Green-Eyed Monster”


S03E12 “Ghosts”


Yep, that’s him. There’s also that weird Joker cult.

S03E13 “Smile Like You Mean It”


Look at THESE Jokers, right? There were so many Jokers and Joker homages in this episode it’s hard to know where to start. If nothing else our prediction a few episodes back about a “Death of the Family” homage was spot on. Here’s to more Jerome! We might have to retire this segment though.

S03E14 “The Gentle Art of Making Enemies”

We’d probably have an easier time calling out all the non-Joker moments in this episode, so instead we’d like to play this voicemail from “Big J”.

S03E17 “The Primal Riddle”


You’ll never guess the song that was playing in Sirens when Babara Queen/Kean came back in at the end of this episode.

That’s right. The band is called Killing Joke!

Dawn of the Joker League

Another new Suicide Squad trailer… This one with a Bohemian flair! Looks like Leto’s Joker will feature even more than previously thought.

Suicidal Joker

More pics were released from Suicide Squad this week, starring brand new Joker Jared  Leto. Chilling stuff!

Big Pimping Joker
Big Pimping Joker
Harley and Mr. J
Harley and Mr. J


Jokers of Summer

“Jerome”, aka actor Cameron Monaghan, posted this mugshot on Instagram in the lead-up to Comicon 2015.

#Gotham A photo posted by Cameron Monaghan (@cameronmonaghan) on

In addition, we got our first glimpse at Jared Leto’s cinematic Joker in the new Suicide Squad trailer:


Misc. Theories

See? He's smiling! Case closed.
See? He’s smiling! Case closed.

Wild card suspect: Oswald Cobblepot. A Redditor came up with an interesting theory making it appear like Oswald was the Joker. With Oswald operating under the name Joker a new (rotund) character would steal his identity and become the Penguin. “Spirit of the Goat” probably blows it out of the water but we figured we’d mention it.

What a wacky pair!
What a wacky pair!

Not Crazy Confirmation Suspect: Bruno Heller confirmed this week that we would get at least a glimpse of the Joker this season. And they called us crazy for keeping track of the clues!

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  1. Have seen a few people on tumblr throwing out the theory that Bullock will end up being the Joker, (origin of the idea seems to be how that guy called him a clown). I dunno enough about comic canon to know if that would be a grievous deviation? But it would be kinda funny if there’s speculation about everyone maybe being the Joker, and then they’re all, “Psych! You were watching him all along,” so maybe it’s a thing they might do?

  2. At the end of season 2 episode 13 you can see JEROME in a Water(or what ever)tank!!!! the red hair the pale skin….100% JEROME! joker is comming back 😉

  3. Are you still doing this? In current season (for the UK) there’s a guy who The Scarecrow (yes, he’s back) attacks with his fear toxin and makes him act and dress like a clown (because that’s what he feared, and you need to become your fears according The Scarecrow’s logic.) Could he be another Joker-candidate? I’m pretty sure he might have even laughed the correct way, but then, as I write this, I think he either died or was healed (I’ll have to check), but it could be a reference to The Joker, at any rate.

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